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30 Days of Sherlock: Day 9

Day 07 — A Sherlock photo that makes you LOL : Not Hats!Collapse )

Background Lestrade in this entire scene is brilliant! The jaw drop was perfect and definitely made me a bit skeptical of how Lestrade's meeting with the ex-wife is going to go the next morning. Is anyone surprised that his wedding ring is significantly absent the next episode?

Also, under mousy Molly's awkward exterior is a foxy lady ready to come out! You go girl!

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 8

Day 07 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go :( : Not Hats!Collapse )

The pic is fine, obviously, but the scene! It's pure facepalm and sympathy for poor Molly Hooper (who is the greatest fandom insert character ever). I don't know anyone who doesn't want to smack Sherlock right at this moment.

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 7

Day 07 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go :D : Hats!Collapse )

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 6

I just took a little break. Yeah....that's it! Totally on purpose....

Anyway, continuing on:

Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy: The Baker Street BabesCollapse )

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 5

Here's another easy one.

Day 05 — Your favourite ship: John Watson and Sherlock Holmes

No thinking necessary.

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 4

Remind me to post before work tomorrow.

Day 04 — Your favourite quote:

Sherlock: Not good?

John: Bit not good, yeah.

So simple. So concise, yet I love what it says about the characters and their relationship. They've only just met, yet Sherlock already trusts something in John to guide him through some of the more confusing aspects of humanity. It also emphasize the 'high functioning' part of Sherlock's alleged sociopathy. He cares enough to figure out why what he said was wrong.

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 3

Nope. I didn't almost forget to post today. Not me.

Day 03 — Your favourite minor character: Molly HooperCollapse )

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 2

Phew! Just made it! It's always an uphill battle trying to suss out certain things in the TV Tropes site.

Day 02 — Your favourite main character: Sherlock Holmes or John WatsonCollapse )

30 Days of Sherlock: Day 1

So, I might be a bit obsessed?

Nothing new for those who know me, however.

Poison of choice (this time around anyway)? Sherlock (BBC)
I've had very little exposure to Sherlock Holmes before this: Wishbone, the movie Young Sherlock Holmes, and the Guy Ritchie movies being the notable exceptions. I had a general knowledge of the characters but no real attachment to any of them and a distinct lack of interest in mystery stories. I'm still not much of a mystery fan, but connection to characters? Yeah, BBC. You've hooked me.

So in honor of my new obsession, a first try at a daily meme.

Day 01 - Your favorite episode: Season 1, Episode 1: A Study in PinkCollapse )

Day 1: Ding!

For those of you who don't know (and that would probably include most of you), I have finally moved out of my parents' house. I love them dearly and will miss them terribly, but it is time now that I've finally graduated with my degree and before this rut I'm in gets too deep.

And that is why I am finding myself, two days after saying goodbye, finishing my first full day in Orlando, Florida. (That's a long drive from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

It's awesome, and I am scared as shit. I have: no job, extremely limited funds, and absurdly large school loans to pay back. But I'm not alone. I do, in fact, have some amazing friends who are putting me up until I can find said job and stand on my own two feet.

I don't know how long I am going to be here. It could be six months or it could be six years. I'm just really glad this won't be a regret sometime in the future.