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30 Days of Sherlock: Day 3

Nope. I didn't almost forget to post today. Not me.

Day 03 — Your favourite minor character:

Molly's actually a surprise to me. Throughout the first season I would have probably chosen Mrs. Hudson, but this second season has given Molly a good turn.

She's sweet, she's innocent, she's obviously competent. The only problem I had with her at first was her blind adoration with Sherlock. She was a kicked puppy crawling back for more. As the second season progressed, however, it became less of Sherlock using Molly to accomplish his goals and more Molly assisting because she knows it will be worth it. And trust me, it wasn't Sherlock's behavior that changed. She still has an absurdly large crush on Sherlock, but she is much more realistic about it. Sure, she goes through the motions of it, miracles happen on occasion, but I see her controlling the crush, using it as a bit of excitement in her life but not hanging her whole life on a maybe. I can respect a girl who does that.