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30 Days of Sherlock: Day 6

I just took a little break. Yeah....that's it! Totally on purpose....

Anyway, continuing on:

Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy:

Not technically a Sherlock (BBC) exclusive podcast, The Baker Street Babes are a hilariously irreverent cadre of Holmes fans with whom no Sherlock Holmes related topic is safe. From history to pastiches, Undershaw to meet-ups, and fanworks to every adaptation under the sun (I'm looking at you, "The Great Mouse Detective"), they discuss and fangirl and analyze and squee. The list of special guests is quite awesome and their theme song, amazing (I mean truly, they've managed to get a word like 'quotidian' into their lyrics and it sounds good).

If you are just getting into Sherlock Holmes, go! Listen! The podcast is a great primer into the whole Sherlockian universe. You'll learn a ton, not the least being where to head to next.